Our story

Driven by possibilities, ambitions and action.

A couple of years ago we started with a team of people from different backgrounds but with a definite shared affinity in IoT. Our goal was to build a product and incorporate that as a vital part in an IoT solution that is versatile and flexible and could address the needs of companies for more information and insight regarding their products, processes and supply chain.


We wanted to make IoT tangible and comprehensibly and develop a solution that really adds value to the process and is not just a “cool concept”.


Now, two years later, we have built a versatile technology with a module that measures location (outdoor/indoor), movement, speed, direction, in over 180 countries, up to 3 metres underground, using LTE Cat M1. The module is expandable so more data can be collected and transmitted and because the connectivity is bi-directional the operating software of the module can be updated at any time, of course without cutting down on security.